The passion is the purpose. To transform. To create. To dream.

Summer of 1984. With my brother we decide to make up our cross bike and we wanted to imitate the BMX that were having a lot of success at the time. Taken it, disassembled it, scratched it, repainted, reassembled with a crazy result for our young eyes: a yellow bike with black fat tires and a single plastic saddle. That work made in our garage is still today one of the best memories I have together to my brother. That same spirit is still here: ideas, desire, madness, pleasure, fun, satisfaction in seeing the simplest vehicle in the world go back to riding on the street. Since 2012 I have been dedicating myself to the restoration of steel vintage bikes with a touch of creativity that I like to call custom restoration. Pics are the best words, so enter the gallery immediately to find out what I’m talking about.