This bicycle is 100% recycled

This time I decided to improvise and I thought of restoring a bike with some spare partes I had in my workshop. In the years I did custom, I saved a lot of these parts that I managed to assemble a whole bike. I made a cake with a few things I had in the fridge, this is what happened. 

December, 2015

  • frame: Coppi (lugged steel)
  • size 59.5 cm
  • cranckset: Shimano 600
  • headset: Stronglight
  • brakes: Universal 125
  • brake levers: Sacconi
  • quill stem: 3ttt
  • seatpost: ITM
  • saddle: San Marco
  • front rack: Basil UK
  • tires: Michelin world tour 700×35
  • mudguards found in the garbage and polished

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